Kiwi Monitoring

Kiwi are monitored in two ways across the Kiwi Link project

  •  annual kiwi call listening to measure presence and population trends
  •  by following a small number of kiwi fitted with transmitters to measure breeding activity and dispersal.

Find out more about Chookie, one of the monitored kiwi being tracked through the Kiwi Link

Chookie the kiwi with accredited kiwi handler Todd Hamilton

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Native Bird Monitoring

Each year key native bird species are monitored using a targeted Five Minute Bird Count methodology. Results show that native birds are increasing and excitingly, that kaka and korimako/bellbird are naturally returning to the area thanks to the sustained pest control.

Data analyst, Dr Dai Morgan summarised the data as follows:

“Sustained and integrated mammalian pest control continues to have a positive impact on key bird species across the Kiwi Link. Native birds such as fantail, grey warbler, and kingfisher are maintaining a trend of steady annual increases, and while slight decreases in kukupa, tomtit, and tui were observed, these were within the margins of error.

Finally, it is highly encouraging that kaka and bellbird, which are comparatively rare or absent over most Northland’s mainland, are persisting in some of the Kiwi Link management sites too. This is very exciting and hopefully they will increase their population sizes and distributions going forward.”


Pest Control

 The removal of 45,044 roaming animal pests over the past six years has improved forest health and helped to restore birdsong to the once near-silent forests across the Kiwi Link area.

YearPossumsRatsFerretsStoatsWeaselsFeral CatsRabbitsFeral PigsMagpieMynaHedgehogsMiceOtherTotal
Grand Totals21,17816,81517616184071,2687391393761,3561,20018645,044



Together the groups and projects involved in Kiwi Link have written a five-year Strategic Plan to help coordinate efforts, identify priority actions and track towards shared goals.

Annual Report 2023

Each year Kiwi Link produces an Annual Report to show progress made towards goals, present monitoring results achieved and identify the next steps forward.


Annual Reports are compiled in July each year.

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