Who are we?

Who is Kiwi Link?

Kiwi Link is a collaborative initiative that brings together a wide network of community-led projects, government agencies, organisations, iwi/hapū, schools and commercial forestry companies.


We have one overall goal in mind…

“Flourishing flora and fauna, with abundant kiwi roaming safely between Taraunui and Glenbervie by 2036.”

Our Main Goals:

Animal Pest Control

Less pests = better forests!

Landowners are supplied with pest control products and training to tackle the possums and rats on their properties. 


A crew of professional trappers backs up landowner efforts with a predator control network across the 15,000 ha Kiwi Link area – connecting in with the networks of Whangarei Heads, Glenbervie, Parihaka and Tutukaka.


Plant Pest Action

Kiwi Link targets 12 weeds, our ‘dirtiest dozen’!

 Landowners are helped to identify problem plants and eliminate them with a wide variety of tools and techniques that best suit their needs.

From time to time, a special Plant Pest Action day is held so people can work together to tackle problem sites or where someone needs a helping hand.  


Monitoring helps us understand the impact of our work, report on the results being achieved, and shows areas that need more support. 


Monitoring includes Annual Kiwi Call Count Survey’s, Targeted Five Minute Bird Counts, Trap Catch Records,  Kaka & Korimako / Bellbird counts and now pekapeka / bat monitoring too!


Talk to us

If you are a landowner in the Kiwi Link area and keen to get involved we’d love to hear from you to see how we can help! 


If you are keen to keep up-to-date with the latest Kiwi Link news and info follow our social media pages or look out for our latest annual report…